Why video animation can be interesting today

The last few years we’ve all become more visual. Within our senses, we use our sight much more often, compared to smelling, feeling and hearing. In the future, within a world that is becoming increasingly digital, this will not change quickly. Also, today’s human beings have much less time and desire to read texts. All communication needs to become more structured, and more to the point. Preferably short and concise, so that we can reach as many people as possible. We now live in a world where we spend much more time online, and everything happens more digitally. Social media is not only a given, typical for 2017, it will also be an important aspect that we will have to consider much more in the coming years.

After this, it will be typical for human beings, in comparison with about ten or more years ago, to carry their smartphone with them. A smartphone with which you can do a lot, and in terms of technology is also growing enormously. Where in the past you could take a picture with a Nokia, where it was barely visible what you photographed, nowadays this is completely different. In terms of technology, it is even possible to make video in a professional way, with, let’s say, a smartphone in your hand.

Also, for the market of corporate video or video animation, this means a serious change. As a company, you are practically obliged to have an account on Facebook, to be able to put your activities in the spotlight. And if we say Facebook or social media, then video is inextricably more connected here. It’s not enough to just put your company film or video animation on your website, but it’s also important to put your video on social media. And nowadays, company video or video animation can come in different forms. A company video is not only there to explain the mission statement of your company but can also be of added value to reach your staff (internal communication), to recruit within your company and so on