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Video animations that taste like more!

Boosting your sales, explaining clearly what your product does or presenting your company concisely? At Flan Caramel we have the ideal recipe for your business.

Original video animations that score with your target group and stimulate action. From concept to distribution: we provide a kickass result!

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Why Flan Caramel?


We start by formulating a clear strategy to which we devote our time. We consult with you, brainstorm and produce a solution that tastes like more. This is the only way we can get the message across in a targeted way!


We’ll turn your message into a memorable story that’s to the point. We make even the most complex subjects understandable to the person who hasn’t had a taste of any of it. Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing!

Unique Style

No standard work, but à la carte animations aimed at your target audience. Unique content in function of your goals.

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Our services


We start the pre-production with a KICKOFF meeting. During this meeting we sit together with the contact person for an initial brainstorming session. We go through the content and visual aspect of the message, so that the concept of the video animation is clear. In addition, we do a 360° study in which we determine the target group, together with a strategy formation around the relevant media channels.

After the kickoff, Flan Caramel works out a scenario which is “to the point” and has the right structure for the story, so that your target group is effectively reached. If we also work with a voice-over, we bring in our copywriter, who ensures that we can go to the next stage of production with a clear text.


We then translate the scenario into images with our visual storyteller. We work out a storyboard, where you get a clear picture of how the story evolves per shot. This storyboard will also serve as a tool for our designers, who will further develop the video.

After the storyboard, Flan Caramel will also create a look and feel that will give you a first feeling of what the animation video will look like. We’ll go over the different styles, and we can customize this according to the corporate identity of your company, making your communication fit as a whole.

Graphic design

With the green light of the storyboard and the look and feel, we can start working on the real animation with Flan Caramel. During the graphic design process the different illustrations (figures and objects) will be worked out for the final animation video.

These illustrations will be brought to life during the motion design process. Depending on the choice of animation style and the use of characters (e.g., Walk Cycles), this phase requires the most work. If we work with voice-over, we will suggest some voice suggestions, which will best support the video. The casting of the type of voice (gender and tone of voice) is done in consultation with the client.

Motion design

An animation comes more to life when it is also supported by appropriate audio. With sound effects (audio design) and the integration of the background music, we bring the animation video in the right dynamics. After this we also add subtitles if necessary, for example when the video is used for social media. Depending on the wishes of our customers, Flan Caramel guarantees the necessary adjustments in one subsequent correction round.

During the project itself, a producer will be appointed who will act as SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) This person will be the point of contact during the project for all questions and remarks, which will be addressed during the process. This person is also responsible for further follow-up of the planning.


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